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A Command Cyber Readiness Inspection is an all-inclusive review of the DoD organization’s cybersecurity posture. This security posture includes a comprehensive assessment of its classified and non-classified IP networks, Information Assurance programs, the physical and critical cyber assets that help to support these networks. Since the inception of CCRI in 2010, the CCRI assessment program has been directed to preserve the sensitive DoD information and the networks from cyber attacks.

Do you know that the CCRI program focuses on administering the federal agencies and combatant commands with a huge understanding of the operational risks that their undertaking face due to their cybersecurity posture? Yes. The Command Cyber Readiness Inspection program detains the commanders of senior mission at major Department of Defense headquarters, facilities, and installations that are personally accountable for the end-to-end readiness. This helps the commanders to maintain, develop and update the reliable and consistent cybersecurity situational awareness of the headquarter, facility, or installation for which they are accountably disregarding of supporting network provider or any formal organizational affiliation.

The IAMTECH CORP helps customers evaluate the compliance of an organization with DoD security directives and orders, traditional and physical security, assessing network vulnerabilities, user awareness, and education. Moreover, the CCRI seeks to provide a more mission-based, and threat-focused assessment. In case, if your organization is notified of a CCRI inspection, you may get a message to get yourself prepared for the CCRI inspection. The IAMTECH CORP will help you get to prepare for the inspection because we have one of the best CCRI assessment services in northern Virginia.

Get yourself prepared for the CCRI ASSESSMENT with a Staff Assistance Visit:


Even if you have been through the CCRI assessment before, understanding every new requirement and nuance can be overwhelming to you. We assist our client with the CCRI Staff Assistance Visit that helps you evaluate the CCRI process, arm you with the knowledge, walk you through what to expect in a growingly complex landscape where cyber influences every decision and industry.

Our expert team understands how to well train, advise, and consult both you and your staff to get prepare for the inspection and pass the scheduled CCRI inspection. Since we are the best CCRI program assessment Virginia, therefore we always try to stay ahead of the new requirements that include the OPORDs, and the vulnerability scanning along with the latest technologies included in the inspection that are created to put a much greater emphasis on the internet-facing technologies.

CCRI assessment
CCRI Assessment

Our services beyond the bounds of your CCRI score:


We have a seasoned CCRI compliance expert team that offers a more useful insight into what it takes to bring both the command-level and small enterprise networks into consent. But since we have made hundreds of organizations moved from failing to excellent and incredible scores, we admit that there is a much greater mission that guides what we do. Being one of the great CCRI assessment providers, we can partner with you to make your organization more resilient, secure, and ready.

Do you know that many of our reviewers and team leads have experience as CCRI auditors? Yes. Because of this, we can mimic the CCRI inspections with unprecedented accuracy while preparing your organization for every new potential scenario.

Understanding the grading methodology, CCRI process, the intent of the CDN directives, applicable STIGs, and the tools that are used during the inspection is the specialty of our company.

Being one of the greatest cybersecurity firms, we are also experienced in providing the CCRI assessment solution for government contractor Fairfax. Additionally, we can engineer, architect, inspect and maintain your networks, prioritizing resilience and security at every step.